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Chinese Subtitles Vlc

But I have tried all the fixes, and none of them work for me. I am trying to use Chinese subtitles from OpenSubtitles. I get a series of square boxes. When opening the .srt file in text editor, I can read the Chinese. I have copied and pasted into another text file with .srt extension. No good. I've tried every encoding that looks like it makes sense in Vlc. I've also tried the bug fix that Arie Skliarouk suggested, but nothing works. Any tips?

Chinese Subtitles Vlc

Do you know what hardcoded subtitles are, or how to remove hardcoded subtitles? As it known to all, subtitles are the transcript or screenplay of a movie/video, which are always displayed on the bottom of your screen.

If the language of the movie of video is not your mother language and you have difficulty to understand them, subtitles are very necessary for you. But if the movie subtitles are your mother language and you don't want to it affect your watching process, or you just want to practice your listening skill of foreign language, it may be necessary for you to remove hardcoded subtitles from your movie or video.

Thus, many users ask how to remove hardcoded subtitles in a professional yet easy way. Fortunately, we will talk about this question in this article and recommend you the best way to remove hardcoded subtitles from MP4, AVI, MOV or other formats videos.

Before we discuss about removing hardcoded subtitles, it may be essential for you to know the two different types of subtitles. There are typically two kinds of subtitles, one of them is what we talking about in this article, called hardcoded subtitles, while the another called soft subtitles.

The hardcoded subtitles are already embedded into the videos or films, and they are impartible part of these videos. The soft subtitles are the ones where the subtitles are not embedded into the videos or movies, and can be added by users. You can also remove the soft subtitles from your video or movie easily, for it is an independent stream and can be turned on or off as you want.

Different from soft subtitles, hardcoded subtitles are much more difficult to remove from your videos. Therefore, many users ask how to remove hardcoded subtitle from videos. Actually, some video programs provide you the solution to help you get rid of hardcoded subtitles from the videos.

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is one of these useful software, which you can use convert, enhance and edit your videos. And in what follows, we will introduce how to use Video Converter Ultimate to remove hardcoded subtitles with crop feature.

Besides the crop feature, Video Converter Ultimate also has many other useful features. And before teaching you how to remove hardcoded subtitles, we want to introduce some features and functions of this powerful video software to you.

Now you are allowed to import your video which has hardcoded subtitles to this software. You need to click "Add Files" button on the left corner of the interface. After you choose your video to load and it is successfully loaded, you can see this video in the interface.

Next you need to choose the video you want to remove hardcoded subtitles with from the video list, and then find and click on "Edit" button. After that you can choose the " Rotate & Crop" button to remove the subtitles. What's more, you can adjust effects, add filters, watermark and subtitles.

In the "Rotate & Crop" tab, you can set the crop area size. If you just want to remove hardcoded subtitles, it is advised for you to keep the crop frame away from the subtitle. You can also personalize other parameters in this feature to make your video much better, like "Aspect Ratio", "Zoom Mode" and other.

When you have adjusted all things, you are allowed to click on "OK" button to apply and save these edits. And if you don't want to do other adjust, just choose the file format you want in the drop menu of "Convert All to", and set the destination folder in the drop down button at the bottom left. Then click on "Convert All" button to export the video which has no hardcoded subtitles. It also enables you to add new subtitles to video.

If you are seeking the way of how to remove hardcoded subtitles from your videos, this article provides you the best solution to help you remove hardcoded subtitles. Just follow the way we introduced above, you must can simply remove your unwanted hardcoded subtitles. If you like this article or think it is very useful, just share with your friends who still have no idea about how to remove hardcoded subtitles. Hope you guys enjoyed.

Hello! I have an .srt file with Chinese subtitles, which I need to embed into a short video (avi, mpeg, mp4, etc. I have converted it to many formats). Initially, my OS did not support Asian languages, so I had to install additional Windows packages. I tried to embed the file using VLC, Subtitle Workshop, Aegisub, SubtitleEdit, Moviesubtitler, and some more, but I got gibberish characters. Then I did exactly what mentioned here:"I was having the same problem, but after much searching, I found some things that helped solve it for me:First, I think the reason your .srt file is garbled is because it isn't encoded right. On the advice of another forum, I downloaded the trial version of NJStar, (incidentally, this program can also do Japanese & Korean.) Use this program (it's Universal Code Converter) to convert your .srt file to UTF8 --- it will create a new file in a separate folder (easy to find), with the same name as your original. Now when you open the *new* file in Notepad, you should see the Chinese characters.Next, you need to set up VLC: Go to preferences, and in Subtitles/OSD, change Default Encoding to UTF-8. Set the preferences to "show all," and then go into Video - Subtitles / OSD and change "text rendering mode" from "default" to "Freetype2 font renderer." Now, expand the Subtitles/OSD menu and go down to "Text Rendering." Choose a Unicode font to display. (You may have to type out the file path for the font; I wasn't able to browse for it anyway. Of course, you'll want to choose a font with Chinese characters. I chose SimHei -- C:\Windows\Fonts\simhei.ttf).Finally, save preferences, and restart VLC. When you begin your movie, simply choose the .srt file NJStar made for you via the Video menu, Subtitles track, Open file.Worked for me, hope it works for you too."In fact, it worked. I was able to view the Chinese characters in the video applications (by opening the movie file with the srt file in the same folder). However, while trying to embed the srt file into the video, no success. Again, non-sense characters. Any idea what can be wrong? I have been searching where the problem is for more than 2 days.Thank you!

Subtitles are basically the translation to a foreign language that is used in videos, movies, and another commentary that happens in films. These subtitles are shown at the bottom of the screen so that the users who don't understand the primary language can see the subtitles and comprehend what's happening. They are also very useful for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. But sometimes, you may want to get out subtitles for further editing, in this guide, we are going to show you how to remove subtitles from MKV, MP4, AVI, etc videos.

Hardcoded subtitles are the ones that are already embedded in the movies and the user cannot use tools to remove this option. These subtitles are irremovable and cannot be changed or removed altogether.

The soft subtitles are the ones where the subtitles are not embedded into the movie and are supposed to be added by the user. This can be done by overlaying the subtitles onto the video that is available. If you only downloaded the subtitles, then they would be considered raw. So, it basically means that hardcoded subtitles are part of the video images and cannot be got rid of whereas, soft subtitles are primarily an independent stream and can be turned on or turned off as per the user's wish.

Wondershare Filmorais a powerful video editor with easy to use features. You can remove soft subtitles easily by blurring. You can even get out hardcoded subtitles by crop and zoom. More than that, if you want to add subtitles back, Filmora also supports that. By editing the color and font, your subtitles look clearer and easy to understand. If you want to know more features about Filmora, check the video below. Just download it to have a try!

Initially you need to check if the subtitles are hard-coded or simply soft subtitles. This can be done using some software tools like IDealshare VideoGo, Faasoft Subtitle Remover and MKVExractGUI. The software has the option of adding files and all you need to do is choose from the list of AVI, MP4, VOB, FLV, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MKV files you have, and select the ones in which you want the subtitles removed. Using the subtitle setting drop-down button, you get to know if the subtitles are hardcoded or just soft. If it is soft, this software can remove the subtitles easily.

If the subtitles are hardcoded, we all know that it's practically impossible to remove them. In this case, you need to use the cropping tool to crop the bottom half of the video that you consider. You can use Wondershare Filmora to crop the video clips into any aspect ratio you want. Just open the program, drag the video into the timeline, right-click on the clip, select Crop and Zoom, and adjust the crop frame to get out subtitles. Check the step by step crop and zoom video tutorial in the end.

VLC media player is one of the most popular open source media players in the market. As a piece of free and open cross-platform media player, VLC can play DVDs, CDs, VCDs and various popular digital media formats. However, it is not perfect! Many VLC users may encounter problems while playing video files with VLC and they often complained that VLC failed to show the subtitles of the videos, even more, they can't find solutions for the problems in lacking the basic knowledge of VLC. Well, the reasons behind the problems vary. If you have been also confused by such an issue, in this article, you will be provided with a lot of solutions to solve it with ease. 041b061a72

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