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[S13E18] The Dance Of Love

Kevin Pollak guest starred in the episode "Theatre Tricks", playing a judge who finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Pollak tweeted on December 2, 2011; "Big ass props to the crew and cast of Law & Order: SVU for making my first day of shooting super easy and nutty fun."[44] Ice-T's wife, Coco Austin briefly guest starred in "Theatre Tricks" as an actress at a theater, staging a show in the vein of the popular live show Sleep No More, where the audience becomes part of the show. Coco's character played Venus, the goddess of love, Coco at one point gets very personal with another actress in the play. This episode marked Coco Austin's third appearance in Law & Order: SVU.[45] Fisher Stevens played Ted Scott in "Theatre Tricks". Scott is involved in a Special Victims Unit investigation when an actress' sexual assault is mistaken for a performance by a theater audience. "He's a very lonely man. You'd never know it because he's always surrounded by beautiful woman," Stevens says. "He preys on his students a bit. His ego is a bit out of whack."[46] In one of his first TV guest starring roles, Adam Driver plays Jason Roberts in this episode. His character is a suspect, but was eventually ruled out. Holt McCallany guest-starred in the episode "Official Story" marking his third time working with show runner Warren Leight, who was the showrunner of the short-lived FX series Lights Out. McCallany also guest starred in the seventh-season premiere episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, at the time Leight was show runner of it as well.[47]

[S13E18] The Dance of Love

James Van Der Beek guest starred as a former friend of a doctor who is sabotaging him in the episode titled "Father Dearest," "I'm [going to] do some more serious drama this year," Van Der Beek recently told "I love that process. That's what I grew up doing, so sinking my teeth into a meaty role is definitely on the agenda."[62] 041b061a72

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