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We have developed and deployed a new data archive for the Gemini Observatory. Focused on simplicity and ease of use, the archive provides a number of powerful and novel features including automatic association of calibration data with the science data, and the ability to bookmark searches. A simple but powerful API allows programmatic search and download of data. The archive is hosted on Amazon Web Services, which provides us excellent internet connectivity and significant cost savings in both operations and development over more traditional deployment options. The code is written in python, utilizing a PostgreSQL database and Apache web server.

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Wang and colleagues found that HSV-1 survive inside cells using Hsp90α of the host. Hsp90α stabilizes the virion protein 16 (VP16) and promotes VP16-mediated transactivation of HSV-α genes [172]. When Hsp90α was knocked down or inhibited pharmacologically, it resulted in reduced levels of VP16 and of proteins encoded by the HSV-α genes. Considering that Hsp90β may have opposite effects on HSV-1 infections, since they are associated with a drop in Hsp90β levels (see above), careful investigations with highly Hsp90 isoform-selective inhibitors are clearly warranted in order to develop Hsp90-based therapies.

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