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[S2E9] Party Guessed

Stiles realizes that all the murder victims were on the Beacon Hills High swim team and the coach at the time was Isaac's father. At Lydia's birthday party, Lydia spikes the punch bowl with wolfsbane petals, causing all the party attendees to hallucinate the things they fear most. She attacks Derek and brings him to the Hale house, where Peter uses Derek's blood to come back to life. Victoria kills herself so that she would not become a werewolf. It is revealed that Matt is the Kanima's master.

[S2E9] Party Guessed

Even as his relationship with Allison becomes further strained, Scott and Stiles must attend Lydia's birthday party while Derek locks his new wolves up to watch after them on their first full moon together.

Lydia's mysterious hallucinations reach a violent climax, and Peter Hale's master plan becomes clear: he wants Lydia to use Derek to resurrect him. As a distraction, Lydia throws her birthday party at her house, where she poisons everyone with wolfsbane punch. Meanwhile, Victoria Argent comes to terms with the fact that she must die before she turns into a werewolf. When Jackson shows up at Lydia's party, circumstances make it very clear that the Kanima Master is nearby. The hallucinations caused by Lydia's wolfsbane-poisoned punch come to a sudden halt when it becomes obvious that Matt is controlling the Kanima. 041b061a72

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