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Outlook Stuck At Processing

Is your Outlook stuck on the processing while sending or opening an email? Or does it hangs, freeze, and had now stopped working? A similar situation was faced by one of the Outlook users and can be used for understanding the consequences of this error more clearly.

Outlook Stuck At Processing

While sending or opening an email message, quite often you can face situations where Outlook gets stuck at processing, hangs, freezes, or stopped working as well. To fix this problem of Outlook not responding or being stuck at processing, Outlook users should be aware of the causes of this error. There can be a large number of possible reasons for Outlook to behave like this. In the upcoming section, you will get to know about the various reasons why Outlook is stuck on the loading profile and its resolutions.

NOTE: When Outlook stops responding or is stuck at processing try to disable programs like VPN, or any other suspicious program and see if it fixes the error. After performing this process, if Outlook did not resolve the problem then, continue to the next solution.

However, you can easily overcome these challenges by using a reliable and capable tool like Remo Repair PST. The issue will be resolved in just a few clicks, without any risk of data loss with a user-friendly graphical interface. Also, repairing the .pst file may help fix Outlook stuck at loading profile error, outlook freezing constantly or Outlook not responding, etc.

If Outlook isn't stuck at a screen that says "Processing," or this didn't resolve your issue, continue to the steps below. If those steps don't work, see Need additional help? at the end of this article.

If you try to delete or move a large number of messages at once, Outlook can appear to freeze, but really, it's working behind the scenes. Check the status bar at the bottom of the screen. If Outlook is performing some operation on hundreds or thousands of messages at once, it might appear to be stuck. Give Outlook a few minutes to finish the process and it should start to work again.

While sending or opening an email message, there have been certain situations where an Outlook user gets stuck at processing, hangs, freezes, or stopped working as well. Consider the following scenario, which was shared by an Outlook user for understanding the consequences of this error more clearly:

Therefore, Outlook users should be aware of the causes of this error and measures to resolve Outlook 2016 stuck in processing mode. There are a large number of possible reasons for Outlook to behave like this. In the upcoming section, we are going to present all solutions in a quick manner.

If users try to delete or move multiple messages at once, Outlook appears to hang, but it works behind the scenes. Verify the status of the screen at the bottom. If Outlook can handle hundreds or thousands of messages at a time, it may appear to be stuck. So, provide Outlook a few seconds to finish the entire process to start work again.

The profile can store a variety of settings, which helps to control Microsoft Outlook. Even users can create a new profile and then, add email accounts to a new profile. By doing this, you can circumvent the issues causing Outlook 2016 stuck at processing problem.

Sometimes, when you click on the send receive all folders button, the Outlook send receive progress stuck in the middle. If you are dealing with the same problem, you have landed on the right page. In this article, you will learn what the issue means. What are the reasons behind the problem, and how can you resolve Outlook stuck on processing issue while sending or receiving emails? So, read till the end.

Sometimes, when you click on the Send/Receive All Folders button, Outlook is stuck on processing. Thus, Outlook becomes unable to synchronize the server settings. Now, there can be many reasons for the same. Take a look at some of the significant reasons for the issue.

The Outlook send/receive progress stuck processing issue means the process is exceeding the session time out limit. Thus, we can say that the Outlook send/receive progress is very slow. The main reasons for the issue are:

The problem will get resolved after disabling all the add-ins. However, if Outlook stuck on updating inbox again, you need to remove the Outlook profile and set it again. Follow the instructions below to configure your Outlook profile.

Sometimes, corruption of Outlook data files also hinders the send and receive progress. Thus, it might be the main reason for the progress to get stuck. If this is the case, you can resolve the problem using the ScanPST.exe.

The Outlook send receive progress stuck issue arises due to several reasons like faulty add-ins, corrupt Outlook profile, slow internet connection, etc. Most often, the problem gets resolved by disabling faulty add-ins or reconfiguring Outlook profiles. But, sometimes, these techniques do not work. Use the inbuilt scanpst.exe or the OST recovery Tool if the problem is caused by damaged Outlook files.

Many times, the user tries to delete or move numerous messages at once. This hangs Outlook, but it works behind the scenes. Here, it is important to check the status of the screen at the bottom. If MS Outlook can handle such messages at a time; it may appear to be stuck. Thus, give few seconds to Outlook to complete the entire process to start work again.

While launching the Outlook 2016 on my Windows 10 PC last morning, the Outlook 2016 hanged at the processing screen. After killing the program in Task Manager and launching again thrice, Outlook 2016 started without any issues. This noon, when trying to launch Outlook 2016, it hanged again, but this time at the starting screen.

Thanks Dude. I was not able to rename the file but then i killed the lync.exe from task manager and waited for few seconds and was finally able to change the file name. And again tried opening and took a little bit of time but finally my outlook opened.

I have several users that consistently run into problems opening Outlook. It is always the same issue where it gets stuck on "Processing" and the only way to get it to open is to delete the mail profile and let it create a new one.

Try this: -fix-office-apps-stuck-on-processingI wrote this when we were having a lot of issues with this last year. What it does is opens Word, Excel, and Outlook in safemode for a few seconds, then kills them.I don't know if it will take care of it for you since you are on-prem from what I gathered in your OP, but it won't hurt.

There seem to be many reports that OneDrive is stuck on "Processing changes" state. This is a very common problem. When your OneDrive or OneDrive for Business stuck on "processing changes", it may be caused by the following reasons.

This chapter summarizes several of the most effective ways to deal with the OneDrive stuck processing changes. You can follow the specific steps to try to fix it so that OneDrive can resume normal synchronization.

To ensure that files can be synchronized to OneDrive normally, you need to confirm that there is enough disk space on your computer. Because when you want to access files stored in the OneDrive cloud through the client, these files also need to be stored on the local hard drive. If the sync process is deadlocked, you need to check if there is enough free space on the disk to store all the OneDrive files. If there is enough disk space, OneDrive stuck looking for changes problem should be fixed.

Many factors cause OneDrive processing changes to stuck. When you don't know the cause of the error, the above methods may not successfully solve the problem. Besides, as a storage service supporting the system, OneDrive is more error-prone than most other services, such as "OneDrive isn't connected", "OneDrive not syncing", etc. It may take you a lot of time to deal with these issues.

What if you encounter the OneDrive stuck on processing changes problem while syncing files? This article hints at the cause of the problem and provides 8 effective and useful solutions to solve the problem. And we suggest you switch to a more stable cloud storage service and use CBackup to sync your OneDrive data, and you could get more cloud backup space for free. Besides, you could perform OneDrive schedule backup if you want to do unattended tasks with CBackup.

Outlook froze on processing because of damage to MS Office programs, outdated Outlook applications, network connection issues, and Add-Ins on Outlook. Large-scale working processes, damage to .PST files, or improper antivirus programs can also cause this Outlook freezing error.

There are some Add-Ins files in Outlook like Skype Meeting, Microsoft Exchange Add-in, and OneNote Notes about Outlook items etc. any one of these Add-Ins files can cause Outlook to stop processing in the middle.

Uploaded to Stream an MP4 video created in Skype for Business, size about 146MB, length about 40 minutes, upload was successful but processing did not proceed beyond 0% after a long wait/leaving to do other tasks.

Shortly after I completed documenting this problem, it began processing. It appears that processing does function, albeit after a long delay. Any idea as to cause of delay? I will tell users to upload the video then give it more time.

@jorbje I am having this problem - I uploaded 1 and it processed normally. I uploaded 4 in a row without waiting, and they all stayed at 0% for hours. So I deleted all four and re-uploaded one. It is still stuck at 0%.

@Brent_EllisonI think the problem is with Stream. I've also been trying to add the same video for three hours now. It uploads successfully, but never progresses, stuck at 'Processing... 0%'. Don't know why they have to process a video that's already h.264 with aac audio anyway, which is the standard web format. Hey, someone at Microsoft, please restart the encoding process on the server!

How to fix Outlook 2016 app Not opening stuck at processing in Windows 10If you are using higher DPI scaling with the latest build of Outlook 2016, set your DPI scaling in Display Settings to 100% or lower.* Open the Settings app, click on System > Display.* In the right pane, under Change the size of text, apps, and other items, move the slider to 100% level, click Apply button. For me, I scaled back to 200 DPI from 250 DPI in Disply Settings and sign out then in and Outlook works normally.The solution* Press CTRL+Shift+ESC on keyboard at the same time to open the task manager. Click more details, go to process tab, highlight the Outlook app and click End.* Press Win + R from your keyboard, type the command line into Run box:

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