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How To Hijack Session And Save Cookies Of A Network Using Backtrack 5 Or Linux Distros

Then there are also a lot of Android apps today that can be used for ARP spoofing, sniffing, session hijacking, port scanning, vulnerability assessment, network monitoring, forensic analysis and other cool stuff. One such is the dSploit application which is a free Android Network Penetration Suite released by evilsocket. For me, dSploit totally rocks not only because it is free but because of its functionality and uniqueness.

How To Hijack Session and Save Cookies Of a Network Using Backtrack 5 or Linux Distros

The attack can be directed to a scenario or individual pages. Each type of exploit has its own configuration wizard.SQL Injection tests can be performed on request parameters and/or request cookies. There are three different levels of injection attacksFAST: quickly runs the most common tests, NORMAL: runs the tests that are in the FAST plus some additional tests FULL: runs all tests (for details on what the difference tests check for, select the modules tab, navigate to the Exploits SQL Injection section and view the contents of the SQL Injection Analyzer paying attention to the fuzz_strings). Adding information about known custom error pages and any session arguments will enhance testing.For XSS attacks, configure the browser XSS should be tested for, whether or not to evaluate POST parameters and whether to look for Persistent XSS vulnerabilities.For PHP remote file injection vulnerabilities, the configuration is either yes try to exploit or no, donít.Monitor the module progress in the Executed Modules pane. If the WebApps Attack and Penetration is successful, then Core Agents (see note on agents in Core network RPT) will appear under vulnerable pages in the Entity View.

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