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[S1E7] Major Arcana [BETTER]

Rose and Lyta convene with Unity, revealing that they were neighbors and that when Rose's mom got sick, Lyta and her husband basically adopted Rose. Unity offered to fly Lyta's husband out as well, but that's when Lyta revealed that he passed ways about a year ago in a car accident. She and Hector met in college. They were architecture majors and opened their own firm. It would seem they all had their lives terribly interrupted, Unity remarked. Rose was hoping to hire a private investigator and go down to Cape Kennedy herself, which Unity offered to fund, as their family was wealthy, having owned Kincaid Sugar. Unity then gifted Rose a gold annulet, which was surprising to Rose, as she had a dream in the car about an annulet.

[S1E7] Major Arcana



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