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Glidos 1.5 No Logo Download __EXCLUSIVE__

My first version of Glidos was V1.5 (Glidos_v1_05.exe) and next was V1.7 both which were coded before the spinning logo was conceived. V1.10 is the first version I know had a spinning logo along with the unlock feature.

Glidos 1.5 No Logo Download

It seems that I had more 1.1x releases than I could remember, and I only kept the even numbered releases. It's a shame I didn't keep them all, because I have checked the last modified dates of my files and found that I downloaded all those 1.1x versions on 27 Jul 2003, so I guess they were still available back then. Now Glidos download server hosts all versions starting from 1.32, but no trace of any older release:

Platforms: Windows and Macintosh only. Bonus levels are available on CD as part of the Tomb Raider Gold and Director's Cut editions or as a free download for players who already own Tomb Raider on CD. Also included in the TR1 iOS app and TR1 for Android.

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