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Transformers Arrival To Earth Unreleased Original Version

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12, 18, and 20 are marked (*) on the CD cover, case backing, and inner booklet with a subtext of "different version in film". This may refer to the fact that these tracks, though complete on the CD as originally scored, are not heard in their entirety in the film or are broken up.

Transformers Arrival To Earth Unreleased Original Version


In an interview, Jablonsky spoke of the unusual length of the soundtrack, citing that much of his work in the film was cut up in the editing process. As a result, he chose to release a longer score that featured much of his original, unedited music for the film. Some tracks, such as "Sacrifice" and "We Have to Go", were heavily edited for the film, while the score's version of said tracks are unedited suites. For instance, the "Sacrifice" suite runs at seven minutes, but was cut down to three minutes in the film. In addition, the "Merlin's Staff" suite, which is six minutes long, was cut down to a thirty-second piece in the film. The "Quintessa" suite was cut apart into at least nine small tracks in the film.

The film's complete score (containing 83 tracks, including unreleased tracks as well as film versions of tracks found on the standard album) was released by Paramount Pictures in January 2018, as part of their "For Your Consideration" campaign. The tracks in the complete score are accurate to how they are heard in the film, with various tracks (such as 'Drone Chase') being cut into multiple parts in order to better match their use in the film. Several of the tracks also overlap with each other.

  • Transformers No mention of Transformers music would be complete without "Arrival to Earth", or any of its various reprises.

  • Scorponok's theme boasts a great beat showcasing not just Scorponok's strength but also the American army's valor in trying to fight him.

  • The two-part "Decepticons/ Allspark" theme carries tension and awe in describing the threat of the Decepticons and how vital and powerful the Allspark is.

  • Another excellent two parter: "Sector 7/Bumblebee Captured", both a pulse pounding chase piece and a massive Tear Jerker.

  • The completely awesome four-part finale, encompassing "You're a Soldier Now", "Sam on the Roof", "Optimus Vs Megatron" and the aforementioned "No Sacrifice, No Victory".

  • Some of the unreleased tracks are pretty epic as well: "Bogey Approach" and "Are You Ladiesman217?" stand out.

  • Linkin Park's cover of the original 1984 theme song. Awesome. Now bring it to the same key as the original. Pure. Bliss.

  • The Various Animated Series The Transformers: Every variation of the G1 series opening theme is pretty damn awesome, hyping up children for the show and their favourite Cybertronians, especially Optimus Prime and Megatron.

  • The Japanese theme song Fight! Super Robot Lifeforms Transformers also hypes up viewers for the show as well as the American theme songs, only this time, it carries awe-inspiring vocals set to a groovy instrumentation.

  • Transformers: Super-God Masterforce gives us the masterpiece that is We Believe Tomorrow, carrying an air of sadness and comfort which perfectly encapsulates the will of both Autobots and humans to defend themselves.

  • Beast Wars: "Theme of Hero," the quasi-orchestral song that plays during Dinobot's funeral in "Code of Hero" is a solemn send off to this honourable Maximal for giving his spark to save his comrades, even in the face of extreme adversity.

  • The Japanese opening themes for Beast Wars Metals: "Evolution of the Spirit" carries an exciting rock tune to prepare viewers for their favourite Maximals and Predacons as they do battle against each other, setting the mood for the story.

  • "Millennium Soldier", a soothing yet rocking piece describing the strength of the heroes and setting the stage for the next phase of the Beast Wars.

  • "Honō no Overdrive Car Robot Cybertron", the opening from Car Robots, kicks off with a sense of urgency by musically mimicking the sound of emergency sirens, and shifts into setting the stage for the series' Hot-Blooded BURNING JUSTICE!! The theme song for the American Robots in Disguise redub sees Haim Saban and Shuki Levy granting the series a fast-paced sci-fi techno song that fits the alien robotic nature of the Transformers themselves. The real biscuit taker is the full version.

  • Transformers: Armada: Perhaps the one track that stands out to anyone who has watched the series would be the tragically epic Painful War, which plays during Starscream's last stand.

  • The English theme is a fast-paced, energetic track that immediately gets you pumped for action once you hear it.

  • The second opening of Micron Legend, Transformers Kōtetsu no Yūki, is a bombastic song with a powerful beat, helping to highlight the more serious tone and narrative changes of the show's second half; which slowly build-up to the final threat of Unicron/Sideways. The lyrics even bring up important points that characters have raised by this stage.

  • The second ending of Micron Legend, Don't Give Up!!, contains a jamming beat and includes lyrics that highlight the tonal shift and character motives.

  • Transformers: Energon: The music is sometimes pointed to as the series' only consistent saving grace.

  • Transformers: Cybertron had an awesome soundtrack, although the original Japanese version, Galaxy Force, and the US version (which was mostly unchanged, with a few exceptions such as the exclusion of the Japanese vocal songs) have individual fan bases. The English theme song, especially due to Optimus Prime's epic Opening Narration and Introdump, as well as that random dramatic announcer heard in the middle of it.

  • The US version inserted "Our Ally" into a few places where it worked better than the original track, such as Optimus Prime's last clash with Galvatron, which made the mood more heroic than somber.

  • The use of "Fierce Battle! Super Mode" for the final leg of Galvatron vs. Starscream made it feel more dramatic. But both can easily be viewed on YouTube, so take your pick.

  • Other Galaxy Force OST favorites include the Stock Footage drivers "Courageous Theme" and "Fierce Battle! Super Mode", and the solemn, even mournful "The Light that Blurs the Temple".

  • "Our Courage", and the ever Tear Jerker pieces "A Time to Part" with "Our Journey Is At An End" carries in enough grief to make you feel sorry for our heroes, whether they be human or Autobot.

  • Galaxy Force's opening Call you... Kimi to Boku no Mirai packs in a fast-paced rocking melody to increase anticipation for the show and all of its Autobots.

  • Presenting "A Great Power", a grand number with equally grand instrumentation to showcase the Autobots' determination and valour.

  • Transformers: Animated: This series somehow makes the theme more awesome.

  • And then friggin' JAM Project comes along and makes this little number for Animated, "Transformers EVO." (TV opening version.)

  • And then JAM Project went and made it EVEN MORE EPIC by performing a symphonic version with a live orchestra!

  • Transformers: Prime: Most of the soundtrack, but special mention goes to the theme and "We Have Returned". Regarding the theme, there are no words whatsoever, yet they somehow manage to fit all the epicness of the series, no, the ENTIRE TRANSFORMERS MULTIVERSE in one 44 second long song. Even if you don't like the show itself, there's a pretty good chance you'll like the song anyway. And that five-note pattern repeated in the song? It's the godamn classic transformation sound, turned into a song.

  • In the Japanese Dub, the second opening theme "Transformerz" by m-flow, a cool electronic Rap/Hip-Hop theme, and the third ending song, "Discord" by Tokyo Girls Style, are both great themes packing in action in their lyrics.

  • The sequel to Prime, also titled Robots in Disguise, features its fair share of kickass tunes, with the opening theme's full uncut release being a sweet track. Numerous remixes of this same track are used in some of the show's most badass moments, and it never disappoints. And then we have the Japanese theme, which, considering the fact it's the last Transformers theme original to Japan, ends the trend with an absolute banger.

  • Transformers: Rescue Bots: This show continues the franchise's long standing record of producing awesome opening music.

  • Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy: Being marketed to an even younger audience than its predecessor wasn't enough to stop this show from having a solid (and catchy) intro theme.

  • Transformers: Cyberverse: While the series theme song is remarkable itself, the remixes for the final season's 4-part specials only boost the intensity. Cyberverse's main musical credits, however, are in some of the leitmotifs; listen to the music played when Soundblaster exits the Mercenaries' ship and you'll see why.

  • The Video Games Transformers (2004) has an extremely memorable soundtrack, especially the boss themes. Then there's the extra theme song remixes unlocked by collecting Data-cons. The ending credit song by The Brown Hornet puts a funky spin on the original theme song. The lyrics make this song even more awesome.

  • While Beast Wars: Transmetals was a pretty bad game, it had this gem.

  • Transformers: War for Cybertron: The end credits, reeking of the old-school credits sequences from the cartoon, with Stan "The Touch" Bush singing "Till All Are One". Watch it here. This should speak for itself with a driving pulsating beat urging you to hurry over and save Zeta Prime fast.

  • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron: The Humbling River is atmospheric, dark, moody, powerful, and perfect for the first trailer in the darkest Transformers game ever created.

  • Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark: Say what you will about the game itself, but the music playing in the main menu is awesome. It initially starts out calmly and mysteriously, but soon escalates into something epic.

  • Transformers: Devastation: Since the game was developed by none other than Platinum Games, musical wonders are ensured to happen. Being composed by the same guy who did the music for the 1986 movie doesn't hurt, either. Motormaster boasts a sick rock and roll riff and tune to herald the arrival of the self-proclaimed "king of the road" as he does battle with his long-time self-proclaimed rival, Optimus.

  • Constructicons/Sentry Bot is a frantic spark-pounding theme showcasing the Constructicons' power, even when they're not combined.

  • Insecticons packs in a crazy disjointed introduction which melts into harmony, showcasing how menacing the Insecticons are, especially in huge numbers.

  • Blitzwing's theme rolls in three musical styles in its score, fitting to his triple changer status and brute strength.

  • Decepticon. Yes, they may be Mooks, but even these minions of Megatron are no slouch in battle. Their theme allows a taste of the full power of the Decepticon army.

  • Devastator packs in grizzly rock music showcasing this combiner's true strength.

  • Menasor's theme boasts grizzly, distorted metal-like music backed by an ominous choir to show the insane power of this giant, sword-wielding highway menace. This track returns during the final battle against Devastator when you whack that green brute hard and long enough.

  • Decepticon Sergeant boasts a jarring rock and roll theme to describe how experienced and strong the Decepticons' Elite Mooks are.

  • Shockwave rocks in both orchestra and 80's rock and roll melded together to show how insane and powerful this Decepticon scientist is.

  • Soundwave theme superior, Autobots inferior. The hardest 80's rock you'll ever hear, mixed with audio distortions fitting the master of sound blasters and second in command for the Decepticons.

  • Cargo Lift drips tension in its beat and melody as you try to defend yourself while accessing the Proudstar's mode of transport.

  • Final Battle is a truly glorious piece with grand choral harmonies, a blaring orchestra and 80's rock to set the stage for Optimus and Megatron's battle for Earth's fate.


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