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Tambu Me Bamboo 2001 Hindi Movie 3gp Video Songs Download - Pagalworld

Tambu Me Bamboo Hindi Movie in 3gp Download

If you are looking for a way to download Tambu Me Bamboo Hindi movie in 3gp format, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this movie, why you might want to download it in 3gp format, and how you can do it easily and safely. So, let's get started.

tambu me bamboo hindi movie in 3gp download

What is Tambu Me Bamboo?

Tambu Me Bamboo is a Hindi action film of Bollywood directed by Dil Kumar and produced by Satish Shetty. This movie was released on 14 December 2001 under the banner of Sheela Productions.

A brief summary of the plot

The movie revolves around a village girl who was brutally gang-raped by three men. She goes to the police for justice but they do not help her. When her boyfriend tries to help her and give her justice, the rapists kill him. Then, the innocent girl decides to take revenge on them.

The cast and crew of the movie

The movie stars Raza Murad as a police officer, Birbal as a comedian, Satnam Kaur as the village girl, Nitin Bhandarkar as her boyfriend, Gurbachchan Singh as one of the rapists, Hitesh Sampat as another rapist, Bharat Ganeshpure as a third rapist, and Rohit as a friend of the girl.

The movie is directed by Dil Kumar, who also wrote the screenplay. The music is composed by Rajesh Roshan and the lyrics are written by Sameer. The cinematography is done by Rajesh Joshi and the editing is done by Sanjay Verma.

The reception and reviews of the movie

The movie did not receive much attention or appreciation from the critics or the audience. It was considered a low-budget and low-quality movie with poor acting, direction, script, music, and production values. It was also criticized for its vulgar and violent content b70169992d

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