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3D Village Model Free Download [EXCLUSIVE]

114 files 3D Village Models found for free download. These Architecture Village 3d models with high detailed, lowpoly, rigged, animated, printable, are ready for your design. Archive available in most of the popular 3d file formats including Blender, 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Obj, Fbx, Stl.

3D Village Model Free Download

To match the grand scale of the castles featured in Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, we ensured that this 3D castle kit provided everything you needed to produce colossal structures. The wide selection of modular 3D medieval structures are built to seamlessly combine together in an infinite number of arrangements. Whether you need a small humble village church, or a continent leading palace, the creative potential of these free 3D castle models are endless.

Surveys acquired by the UK's Oil & Gas Authority in 2015, comprising nearly 20,000 line kilometres of newly acquired 2D broadband data, acquired and processed by WesternGeco. A further 20,000km of newly reprocessed legacy data also available, along with gravity and magnetics, and data from wells in the areas of interest. Published under the UK's Open Government Licence (compatible with Creative Commons Attribution Licence v4.0), and freely available to download (where practical) through CDA's UKOilandGasData system (free registration required). Field data is available on media.

Acquired under the UK Oil & Gas Authority's 2016 seismic programme and published under the Open Government Licence in 2017, these surveys comprise 19,000km of newly acquired 2D broadband seismic (by WesternGeco and PGS), including gravity and magnetic data. They are supplemented by a further 23,000km of newly reprocessed proprietary 2D seismic, including data acquired in the BGS' BIRPS deep seismic reflection survey. Data from over 200 wells in the areas of interest are also available. All data published is freely available to download (where practical) from CDA's UKOilandGasData system. Field data (or P-Up data for the PGS survey) is also available on media.

British Geological Survey (BGS) has a wide range of datasets and wants to increase access to these by publishing as many as possible under OpenGeoscience. OpenGeoscience is a free service where you can view maps, download data, scans, photos and other information.

Chevron distributed a series of 2D Elastic isotropic (Vp, Vs, Dn) marine benchmark synthetics, with and without free surface multiples. These data, used for the SEG workshop on Full Waveform Inversion in 2012, 2013, and 2014. 2012 and 2013 SEG workshops "Gulf of Mexico Imaging challenge" were designed to exercise FWI algorithms for complex salt shapes. Datasets included2012 SEG model with and without surface multiples included complex salt bodies2013 SEG model was based on The same earth model, but maximum offset was increased to 30 KM and maximum time to 23 seconds. A starting velocity model to assist inversion testing was made available in August of 2013. CSEM and MT data from the same earth model was distributed in August 2013An anisotropic (tilted transverse isotropy or tti) version of the synthetic was released in November 2013.

This 2D synthetic dataset was generated using 2 different finite difference forward modeling softwares in VTI media. One of the softwares was developed internally at Hess. Data I was generated using this software and it contains surface multiples. The other software was obtained from SEPLIB, at Stanford University. Data II was generated using this software. This data is free of surface multiples.

This 6-page purchase package download of a 3D model of a Zulu house and traditional Zulu village includes both black & white outline illustrations as well as coloured-in pages. The Zulu village background page is a 1-page Triorama which forms a triangle/ pyramid-shaped folded page. The illustrations include clear assembly instructions and some extra cultural details. I included some additional basic historical background information as well as Internet reference links. Please pop over to my Packages page to order your download.

The 3D scans will be available to download, remix, print, or study, and we can use them at the Gallery to produce models for visitors to handle. These are especially useful for our visitors with visual impairments and for student groups.

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