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Ohio State Items To Buy HOT!

Over 400 of the most commonly used scientific supplies are in-stock at our Scientific Warehouse. These items are available for pick up or next business day delivery through eStores. The Scientific Warehouse also offers scientific grade Ethyl Alcohol in both 190 and 200 Proof USP. Different quantity options are available for both types.

ohio state items to buy


If you would like to return your technology kit, you will not be charged the depreciated value of your device. If you do not return all items listed below you may be charged a replacement fee. Fee amounts are listed next to each item.

If you have already left the university and have not returned your technology kit, the charge will automatically be added to your statement of account 31 days after your unenrollment. You can view what this charge will be on the depreciated value chart.

Lag time: When transcripts, test scores, fees or other items are submitted, they must be processed and matched to your application. It can take up to 10 days for us to complete this step.

The Common Application, the application fee or fee waiver, plus all required materials (STEP 4) make up a complete application. We must receive all items by the application deadline.

Farmers have been exempt from Ohio sales tax on purchases used for agricultural production for several decades. However, this does not make all purchases by farmers exempt. Currently, Ohio sales tax is charged on all sales of tangible personal property and services unless there is an exception to this tax. Farming is one of the exceptions. Since the majority of exceptions or exemptions from the Ohio sales or use taxes are based on the use of the items or services purchased, it would be difficult for the Department of Taxation to provide a list of taxable and exempt items or services. For a farmer to claim exception or exemption, the farmer must be using the items or services in a manner eligible for the tax exemption.

Examples of purchased items that would qualify for tax exemption include tractors, plows, combines, and specially designed motor vehicles with PTO applicator units that travel from farm to farm to apply chemicals and fertilizers, seeds, fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, and farm input and supplies including freezers, portable storage containers, crates, and gates. This is not a complete listing as it would be impossible to list every item that would qualify for Ohio sales tax exemption. The taxability or nontaxability of sales is determined by the use of articles sold. For the sale to be exempt, it is necessary that the articles sold be used in an exempt manner as defined above.

Farmers should understand the difference of items being Ohio sales tax exempt and being tax deductible. Many of the following business items' use can be deducted from income taxes, but they are still subject to Ohio sales tax. Here are categories of items that farmers typically purchase that do not qualify for the tax exemption:

Farmers need to obtain either form STEC U (Sales and Use Tax Unit Exemption Certificate) or STEC B (Sales and Use Tax Blanket Exemption Certificate) at The blanket certificate is used when dealing with a vendor where multiple purchases will be made over time while the unit certificate is used for a one time purchase from a vendor. A completed form requires the vendor's name, the reason claimed for the sales tax exemption, and the purchaser's name, address, signature, date, and vendor's number, if the purchaser has one. An example reason for the purposes of completing the form could read "purchases used for agriculture, horticulture, or floriculture production." It is the buyer's responsibility to provide the form to the vendor, although many vendors who frequently deal with farmers have blank forms available either in paper copy or electronically.

A: Yes. If you have a hold but need to send an official transcript to a prospective employer as a condition of employment, please submit your request along with a letter from your prospective employer on their letterhead stating that the transcript is required for employment. If you are in the military and the transcript is required for advancement, the request must state this and be accompanied by a letter on military branch letterhead. The transcript will be released directly to your prospective employer or military branch. The transcript will not be released directly to you.

Lost and Found receives many articles of significant value. All items are tagged, and every attempt is made to return them to the owner. Efforts are aided by labels on the item, student and staff directories, the University Registrar's office and email.

If you have left any personal items on a campus bus, please contact the TTM office at 614-292-7433. Office hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. You also may send an email to with a description of the item and any additional information (bus number, route, date, etc.) that would help locate your item. Items left on buses that are not retrieved immediately will be taken to the Transportation office the day the item was lost. Items will be held for 4 weeks. TTM is not responsible for lost items.

There are local contacts in many of the buildings around campus. To find a point of contact for an academic building, visit If you are the person who takes care of lost items in your building, and do not think you are on our "building contact" list, please let us know.

If you lost an item inside Ohio Stadium, The Schottenstein Center or the Covelli Center, and have already left the facility, please submit a Lost Item Report Online. The Athletic Department will try to match your report up with the items that were found/logged. Reports will be viewed on the next business day (i.e. facility staff are generally not available on the weekend). Found items that have been matched to your lost item report will be mailed/shipped directly to you. Guests are responsible for the mailing/shipping fee.

The first step to purchase items for your lab or project is to gain access to the OPR system , this should be done by contacting the Computer Support group.(e-mail: Computer support handles adding new users, adding new chartfields, and the general housekeeping of the software. When creating a user profile Chemistry accounting requests that you spell out the full name of the building you are in (i.e. 1104 Newman Wolfrom, 2051 Evans Lab, 112 McPherson Lab, etc.) where you want your purchases to be shipped. Also include the best phone # for vendors to contact you at if they have problems with your order. Any technical questions you have concerning the functioning of the DPR system should be directed to Computer Support. If you have questions about the purchasing process please contact Chemistry Accounting.Before entering an order in the DPR System you should prepare the following: You will need to know the vendor you will be ordering from and a list of items that you will be purchasing from them along with pricing. If you have a quote in electronic format from your vendor please e-mail it to Quotes are required for orders over $1,000.00. For OSP orders of $10,000.00 or more you will need to include part IV of the sole source form. If your order is over $25,000.00 it will require the approval of the College office. At $25,000.00 or greater for equipment or $50,000.00 or greater for service orders, you will need to put your order out for bids. If you do not bid your order you will need a "sole source form". You should also include this form if you take the bids yourself. OSURF and the University hava a service where they will handle the bid process for you. More information on the purchasing rules can be found in the Purchasing policy [pdf].

The first place to look for items is eStores. To use eStores you will need your osu login (Name.#) and password. If you do not know these you can get your name.# from the OSU online directory by looking yourself up. With this you can get your password set/reset by calling (614) 688-HELP. The vendors in eStores are preferred vendors with OSU and have special contracts with the university. Using eStores eliminates the need to get quotes or bids for orders. There are two types of vendors on eStores, those who have their items in the internal eStores catalog and the external vendors whose catalog links to eStores. Another benefit of eStores is that purchase orders tend to go out faster if they go through eStores.

eStores tip - if you are looking for something by item number or Catalog number in the internal catalogs do not type in any spaces or hyphens in the number. If eStores returns 10 pages worth of items - it did not find what you were looking for, change your search parameters and try again.

The Gas Warehouse supplies The University with cylinder gases, liquid nitrogen, and accessories. They stock the most commonly requested items and will special order any item you want. They also carry a variety of spare parts for gas cylinders. For emergency orders, special or custom mixes, or to request special handling, call 292-2543. Same day handling service fee: $100.00.

Tech Hub now offers discounted accessory bundles with the purchase of an eligible Apple or Dell computer. Choose 3 -4 accessories from our bundle wall and receive 10% off those items. Choose 5 or more items, and receive 20%. Please visit our store or call for details.

The Ohio State University College of Medicine is among the top medical schools in the nation for affordability. With the advantages of lower tuition rates, in-state residency cost savings, scholarships, financial aid, and a lower cost of living in a thriving metropolitan community all come together to make Ohio State the best choice for your medical education.

On average, Ohio State enrolls about half in-state and out-of-state students every year. As an out-of-state student you get the benefit of applying for in-state residency after your first year. Once established, you can lower your annual tuition by as much as 43% for the remaining three years of your medical education. 041b061a72

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