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Ea Sports Superbike 2001 Full Version Free 12 =LINK=

A little more effort on the finer points of bike racing would have paid off for SBK2001. Although it's a competent package, and a worthwhile purchase for those who missed the previous EA Sports' offering and don't fancy the more in-depth GP500, in the light of other racing games it's left a bit lacklustre. Perhaps EA will spend a little more time on the next Superbike game, but bearing in mind its other sports titles, it seems unlikely. Shame.

ea sports superbike 2001 full version free 12

Superbike 2001 is a simulation game which aims to deliver a realistic motorcycle racing experience.[1] The user controls a motorcycle through races on various paved courses; it features tracks and motorcycles from the 2000 Superbike World Championship season.[1] The game allows the player to choose between three game modes: Quick Start, Single Race, and Championship mode.[1] Quick Start allows the user to quickly pick up a game and begin to play.[1] Single Race lets the player play over one weekend, including practice laps and other race modes.[1] Championship mode takes place over 32 weekends, or a full season of play, and includes detailed statistics.[1] Superbike 2001 features four different difficulty modes, which make the game switch from a more casual experience to a realistic one.[2]

For start, there is some data that need to be correctedTOP SPEED: 190 MPHFUEL CAPACITY: 20 LITRESFRONT TYRE SIZE: 120/70 x 17REAR TYRE SIZE: 200/50 x 17I have a 2000 model and "she" makes me happy every time i ride her!!!I don't think she's to heavy for mountain roads (my tyres can show that) and off course she's an heavy lady comparing with ZX10's R1's and Gixxers, but in the Hypersport class it has far better handling than a Busa or a Blackbird!!The engine is made of parts from a Nuclear Space Rocket... and after 13 years, it still makes other riders with new sport bikes chill, when they see "her", in their mirrors!!Its a part of history too, because it was the 1st Hypersport bike of the 21st Century and the last one who had 220mph/350km/h marked in the speedometer!!Be careful with the engine temperature in the 1st models 2000-2001, because the radiator is not big enough and only has one cooler!!In the 2002 model they corrected that by installing a bigger and curved radiator with two coolers! My advice is to change to a water-free coolant product! Other than that it's a nice bike, that ages with nobility, and can be a really good mate in travels (forget the passenger!!).

I have a size and weight issue (large) so opted for a 2003 (B2H) 12R a few years ago. At first I really thought I'd made a big mistake, as the bike's smoothness and power kept tricking and luring me into situations whereby I'd be going insanely quickly without realising it, all at the wrong times.Thankfully my licence and I just about survived those first few months and I eventually got to grips with the 12R and decided to keep it.I go out with blokes that ride a broad spectrum of superbikes with differing riding abilities and my 12R ensures that my fat carcase is always there with them, on whatever type of road we might choose to ride. The handling is truly awesome and I have no complaints whatsoever. I can only assume that those who do complain about the handling are too small in stature to throw such a powerful ride around. I'm now in a situation whereby my bike is beginning to age but I don't want to be parted from the 12R because there's nothing out there that ticks my boxes like a 12R does. I plan on eventually selling my current bike and buying another out of a box and registering it new. That is how much I like this bike....

fuck me this is quick,bought new in 2005 after part ex'n my k2 gsxr1000,at 6'5 i wanted a bigger bike physicaly,better bike for 2 up days,and something a little different.all boxes ticked.put a full akropovic and pc3 and kn's on and full dyno with cresents in verwood 186bhp a the wheel is enough for anyone.2 up makes no difference to the way this thing gets from a to the radial brake version and they seem fine bearing in mind they have to stop 1/3 of a ton from 150/160 mph.few down sides most of which are well known.if you want cheap running costs this aint the one for.eats rear tyres,drinks like amy winehouse and finish on the shiny bits isnt the best isnt bad 300 f/c for a 32 year old.i love this bike,every time without fail i ride this bike i enjoy it.if you want a bike that IS quicker than anything else on the road with more comfort than an out and out sports bike this is the one.go one treat yourself

Woodcliff Lake, NJ, September 5, 2001... The much anticipated, all new 2002 BMW 7 Series will makes its world debut at the IAA in Frankfurt. Hot on the heels of the CleanEnergy World Tour, the next generation hydrogen powered 7 Series, the 745h, will make its first appearance along with a hydrogen powered MINI Cooper. The production versions of the MINI Cooper and MINI ONE also make their first appearances at Frankfurt. The BMW M3 CSL Lightweight Concept Car shows M3 performance elevated to new levels. The 2002 3 Series, with styling enhancements for the sedans and sport wagons will also be seen for the first time. The X5 4.6is will be highlighted prior to its market launch later this year along with many new X5 features. Two new motorcycles also make world debuts - the F 650 CS and R 1150 RS.The full BMW Press Kit from the Frankfurt Motor Show is available at the BMW Group Press Club at

Superbike 2001 is a simulation, sports and racing game developed by Milestone. It was originally released in 2000. Electronic Arts published the game. Most rawgers rated the game as "Recommended". Superbike 2001 is available on PC.

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